New all-natural Wasp & Hornet Killer from Liquid Fence Gives Wasps & Hornets the Buzz-off!

February 1, 2011

BRODHEADSVILLE, PA – Eliminate wasps and hornets now!  New Liquid Fence® Wasp & Hornet Killer, an all-natural and non-toxic aerosol spray, destroys the entire nest quickly and comes with a “100% kill” guarantee.

The powerful spray reaches in excess of 15 feet, getting to most second-story eaves. No ladders or extra equipment are needed to reach out-of-the-way areas where many nests hide, allowing homeowners to “keep a safe distance” from the nest.

Liquid Fence Wasp & Hornet Killer is available in convenient 13.5 oz aerosol spray cans and has a pleasant botanical scent, leaves no pesticide residue, and is safe to use around kids and pets.

And unlike water-based solutions that run the risk of potential electrocution when sprayed near electrical wires, Liquid Fence Wasp & Hornet Killer is oil-based and electrically non-conducting up to 27,500 Volts.

“This wasp and hornet killer is just another example of Liquid Fence solving a problem without using harmful chemicals.  Liquid Fence gives you the option of effective pest control that is safe for your family and the environment!” says Edward Abraham, president of The Liquid Fence® Company.

Suggested use is to spray and soak the nest at sunset when most insects are in the nest and inactive and wait 24 hours before removing the nest.

Liquid Fence Wasp & Hornet Killer is available now at and will be coming soon to retail centers nationwide.

To download a high resolution product image visit  For more information visit or call The Liquid Fence Company at (800) 923-3623.

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Contacts: The Liquid Fence Company / Deb Talarico or Emily Gonzalez / (570) 722-8452


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