Award-winning Bio-degradable CowPots now Available in New Sizes and Prices for Gardeners & Growers

December 30, 2009

BRODHEADSVILLE, PA — Good things come in earth-friendly packages. CowPots, the biodegradable ‘pots you plant’ that make planting simple and gardening fun, are now available in new conveniently-sized pots and flats.

The multiple award-winning growing pots from The Liquid Fence® Company has made it easier for growers and gardeners to get seedlings off to a healthier, stronger start.

“Gardeners and growers alike love our CowPots and when they asked us for additional sizes– we listened,” says Matt Freund, the Connecticut dairy farmer who along with his brother Ben, invented the nifty pots.

Besides the currently available 3 inch CowPots in 12 packs and 4 inch CowPots in 12 packs, now gardeners can grab the 3 inch CowPots in 6-cell flats with three flats per package at their favorite garden center.

Along with the upgrades in sizes, they’ve downsized the prices! “Through new advances in production techniques, we’re now able to pass the savings on to the consumer and offer CowPots at lower prices,” says Edward Abraham, president of The Liquid Fence Company. “So besides helping the planet, CowPots are helping the economy!”

And for commercial growers who want the best start for their plants, 5 new sizes of CowPots are available in bulk: 5 inch square and round pots, and 6 cell flats now join the already popular 3 and 4 inch square pots.

Gardeners and growers love them because they save steps, time and resources. They’re odor-free, non-toxic and the perfect good-for-the-earth growing pot!

Made with 100% renewable composted cow manure, these handy pots for seedlings save time, are packed with the goodness of manure, and allow young roots to breathe and grow out the sides and bottoms, producing sturdier, healthier plants.

And the added convenience of planting these pots directly into the ground without having to deal with recycling or disposing of plastic is a real time and money-saver.

It’s no surprise that the awards and accolades keep piling up, the The Mail Order Gardening Association’s Green Thumb Award and Joe Lamp’l’s “Best of the Must-Haves for 2008.”

Mike Rowe of The Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” said it best during his CowPots feature: “Brown is the new green!”

Retail and commercially sized CowPots, new from The Liquid Fence Company, are available at

New CowPots Deliver a Green Alternative for Starting Healthier, Stronger Plants

May 21, 2009

BRODHEADSVILLE, PA – This spring, get your plants off to a quick and healthy start with all natural CowPots™, a new manure-fiber based growing pot made from – you guessed it – composted cow manure from a family farm in Connecticut.

CowPotsFamilyThe 100% biodegradable pots are planted directly in the ground and bypass the need to remove your seedlings from plastic pots. Ripping seedlings from their containers disturbs the roots and often leads to transplant shock, and can set them back two weeks.

Plus, CowPots allow tender, young roots to easily grow out the sides and bottoms and prevents the plant from getting root bound. This allows for unrestricted growth of the roots and produces healthier, stronger plants.

CowPots help plants mature and fruit earlier and don’t slow down once transplanted, making them ideal starter pots for seeds or young seedlings. Best of all, they last for months in the greenhouse or windowsill, and dissolve within weeks after planting in the garden.

The invention of necessity, CowPots were created by brothers Matt and Ben Freund on their dairy farm in the sleepy northwest hills of Connecticut. “What started as an idea over eight years ago around our kitchen table- on how to turn cow manure into pots – has turned into these really beneficial pots you plant,” explains Matt Freund.

The manure is dried, completely composted, mixed with natural fibers and pressed into pots. Once planted, it attracts earthworms and is good for the garden soil overall. And unlike peat, which is mined from bog eco-systems, or plastic which is derived from finite fossil sources, cow manure is a renewable resource.


The production process eliminates weed seeds as well as pathogens and offensive odors. The bi-product from the production goes back to the field to grow next year’s crops which feed the cows, who make the pots.

“We’re protecting the environment by turning brown into the new green,” says Freund.

Made in the U.S., CowPots are available retail in 3” and 4” pots in packs of 12 or in bulk for wholesale or commercial use. Ask for them at home and garden retailers across the country, online at or call (800) 923-3623.

The Liquid Fence Company Partners with CowPots to Deliver a Green Alternative for Starting Plants

September 16, 2008

BRODHEADSVILLE, PA – Edward Abraham, president of the fast-growing Liquid Fence® Company, announced today the addition of CowPots™ manure-fiber-based growing pots to the company’s expanding line of environmentally-friendly garden products and animal and insect repellents. CowPots will benefit significantly from The Liquid Fence Company’s extensive sales and marketing capabilities and vast distribution network.

“We’re proud to add this remarkable and truly green product to our line,” boasts Abraham. “We’ve been impressed with the whole idea of CowPots since we first heard about them. They’re a perfect fit with our expanding line of natural home and garden products.CowPots were the invention of necessity. Brothers Matt and Ben Freund are second generation dairy farmers in the northwest hills of Connecticut. The Freunds have been leaders in developing technologies to help dairy farmers produce milk in an environmentally sound manner, and Freund’s Farm was one of the first in Connecticut to store manure to apply in a timely fashion to optimize crop nutrient uptake.

Since 1997, the Freunds are one of only a few farms across the United States to have continuously run a methane digester. Cow manure is heated by the methane gas collected from the digester, making the system a renewable energy source. The Freunds use the excess energy for the production of CowPots.

The process for producing CowPots eliminates weed seeds as well as pathogens and offensive odors.  The liquid goes back to the field to grow next year’s crops which feed the cows.

“We wanted the cows to provide everything from the feed stock to the energy for the production of CowPots,” declares Matt Freund. “Our goal is to be totally sustainable.”

CowPots are designed to be planted in the ground and are 100% biodegradable. Tender, young roots easily penetrate the sides and bottoms of the pots, allowing them to get air and grow unrestricted. The manure attracts earthworms and is good for the garden overall. And unlike peat, which is mined from bog eco-systems, or plastic which is derived from finite fossil sources, cow manure is a renewable resource.

CowPots are made in the U.S. and are currently available in two sizes – 3” and 4” pots shrink-wrapped or loose fit. They are available at home and garden retailers across the country and online at

“We’re excited about this partnership with Liquid Fence,” said Freund. “It helps us get our message out to a much broader audience.”


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